Art House

Art house

Art House is a housing cooperative for artists and activists on the north side of St. Louis that emerged directly out of the events in Ferguson following the shooting of Michael Brown.

Located in an area of St. Louis with high poverty and murder rates, Art House provides necessary resources for residents including mental health support, political education, and a food share program serving over 100 families eight times per month. In addition to these services, the collective engages in a variety of art activities to inspire imagination and develop communication skills with neighborhood children. Art House is located at 3911 Greer Avenue, in St. Louis, MO.

For their project, the artists constructed a gathering space for individual and communal expression, providing an intimate setting to share the wisdom of human experience through music, theater, and dance. The performances are co-created by community members with the goal of bringing people of all ages and life experiences together. Additionally, a series of brick wall structures were constructed to offer space for introspection and contemplation.